Abdulaziz Omar

Abdulaziz M. Omar is a CEO and Founder in Taz Technologies Limited. He is a multi-talented and dynamic professional with over 10 years of progressive experience in strategic and planning management, administration as well as results monitoring and evaluation. Proven performance in linking corporate vision with the delivery of desired results through empowerment, development and utilization of people, processes and technology A strong motivator and team player with effective leadership, communication, decision making, problem solving and interpersonal skills, together with a corporate focus and a results-driven attitude.

Mr. Aziz has devoted 90 percent of his practice to Taz Technologies Ltd for the last three years. He has extensive experience in unusual and innovative strategic management. His recent activities include Company and product vision, corporate development, brand management, chief education officer/team building, fundraising, cashflow and Investor management.

As an ambitious youth, he made it possible for everyone to have a virtual postal address and managed to make MPost a success. Several awards have been won through his innovation e.g. in April 2017, MPost won Oracle Innovations Awards 2017 – Social equity and Poverty Reduction, in June 2017, MPost won the Best Youth Empowerment Programme-Africa union Public Service Day Awards-African Union Commission,

Aziz is a frequent speaker at many functions and serves as an Economic Advisor and as the chair of Taz Technologies Inc Board. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, is interested in doing research.