Jens Glaso

Jens Glaso, is an awarded Fintech Entrepreneur, Founder & Investor.  He has founded and developed several companies. Previous working experience; stockbroker, trader and advisor for SMEs and wealthy individuals. In 2005 he was hired as Executive Vice President for Optimum ASA in Kristiansand and Belgium.  The company experienced a significant increase in revenues and increased its managed capital with 2 billion NOK under his management period.

Jens founded the idea of TrustBuddy and launched 2009.  Throughout his role as founder and CEO, TrustBuddy expanded to 10 countries throughout Europe and became the world’s biggest Peer-to-Peer(P2P) provider of short-term loans and was the first publicly traded P2P company globally on the NASDAQ OMX First North.

In 2015 Jens founded Blockbonds and the product SPENN which is an advanced Mobile Banking App utilizing blockchain technology to help people to take the first step out of the cash society completely cost free. The purpose of the company is to contribute to financial inclusion for the two billion unbanked and underbanked as well as the banked population and by such making the world financially connected by uniting the banked with the unbanked population. SPENN is the solution for everyone to be a part of the cashless society, enabling them to transact money instantly and communicate financially, cost free. SPENN is live in 4 markets and till 2022 forecast to be live in 8 more markets.

In 2019 Blockbonds, as one of three companies out of a total of 100, was nominated to the entrepreneurial prize awarded by PWC Norway, amongst companies that help solve UN’s Sustainability goal number 11, Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Blockbonds has entered partnership and signed with seven banks in eleven different markets.