Mbali Ndandani

Mbali Ndandani is currently the Africa digital lead for Unilever, leading the Unilever Foundry which is how the business engages with the tech startup community in Africa for its future growth, as well as leading Unilever’s digital media strategy across Sub Saharan Africa, with key focus markets being South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’ Ivoire, Zambia and Kenya. She is a candidate for the Master of Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate Business School.

Mbali is passionate about helping people live their purpose, curiosity, community and being led by vision. She loves technology and its ability to humanise and bridge the gap between people, creating opportunities for unimaginable solutions.

Mbali is a speaker, a curious writer and reader, avid traveller, and wishes she was a better photographer and more disciplined guitarist, which she does in her spare time.